De-Jobbed: Going for the Tech Blog Gold

Engadget does podcasting, too.

I want to go to there.

You may be interested to know, dear blog readers, what I have been doing with my time. That’s why you’re here, is it not?

Being ejected from my previous job gave me the opportunity to go for a job I actually care about. On Monday I was in a panic applying for every job I came across. Tuesday, I focused on social media and video-related postings. Today, I really got down to it. Today I applied for jobs I actually want.

First, there was CBS, NBC, Fox, etc. I’m getting to NPR soon, though they let go of a ton of people recently. Not a safe bet.

Then came the idea, why not cold call the places I actually really want to work at? Read more of this post

iPhone 4 troubles quash my lust

Right after writing the last post, I saw this story quoting Gizmodo (who I support over Apple).
I need a phone that works far more than an app machine. Yeah, I go back and forth, but stories like this will keep me away from making a bad decision.
Also, my wife.

If you don’t want to read that, it says that reception on the iPhone 4 is oftentimes worse than on the 3GS. Sometimes, if you hold it, you your hand, you get squat. Oh, and it scratches super easily according to Engadget.

So enjoy that unpaid beta-testers of Apple. Enjoy.

Other thing that quashes my iLust: My iPod didn’t get the IOS4 full upgrade despite being packaged as a third gen Touch. Why? Because the 8 GB version is basically just a second gen product with new packaging. What is this?! You package it like a third gen, it had better get the perks of a third gen product!

That exclamation point was to indicate that I am upset.

So I got the same IOS4 upgrade that owners of other iPod 2G and iPhone 3G (as apposed to 3GS) got. No new wallpaper setup and no multitasking. BOGUS, I say. I call bogus.

Steve Jobs has yet to reply to my complaint. I know you’re on the edge of your seat on that one, so I’ll keep you posted.