“EEG and Me” or “Wires on my head”

EEG - but not mine

This is an EEG cap, but it's not what I wore. This is actually kind of cool looking compared to mine. Maybe I'll post my own later. Maybe.

Saturday morning the neuro tech arrived at my apartment. I had showered already because I wouldn’t be able to shower again for two days. In my mind, I imagined wearing a beany with a couple of wires sticking out. No biggie. It might even be cyberpunk stylish.

The tech hooked up her equipment while I watched Mythbusters on the TV across the room.

“So I’ll be able to go about my daily life?”

She said, yes, they encourage patients to try not to change their routine just because of a 48-hour EEG test.

“Ok, good, cause Megan and I were planning on going up to Gurnee today to look around the area she’ll be reporting on. We may stop by Six Flags, too.”

She didn’t think that was a good idea. That’s not your daily routine, right? She asked.

“Actually, we have season passes, so we try to go a lot.” Read more of this post

The Pill’s in the Mail

Pills for my head

Pills for my head. I needs 'em.

My visit with the neuro’s muddled as usual. By the time I get to him, I’ve been stretching my prescription for several days. Why they can’t give me a refill over the phone, I have no idea, but now I know better to plan for the office’s ineptitudes.

What? They found nothing on the EEG that I wore all weekend? Shocking. They haven’t in ten years, so I wouldn’t expect anything to be found all of a sudden now. The pills work, though. Just gimme more pills, I guess.


Over to Walgreens.

The woman in front of me has a problem. Her cream is more expensive than she remembers it being. $230 for cream? That must be some special cream. The pharmaceutical assistant questions some anonymous head on the phone. Read more of this post