A Windows is a Windows is a Windows: Microsoft allows downgrades from Windows 7 for 10 years

Past made present made future

Past made present made future

Surely by 2019, nobody will use Windows XP. Surely!
Microsoft isn’t so sure about that. People love a safe place to hide, you see.
According to them, even if you have purchased Windows 7 Professional, the most pro-est of the Windows 7 line, Microsoft will allow users the option to downgrade two generations to Windows XP for the next 10 years.
Even if you only have Windows 7 Ultimate, the say, users will have the same option for 5 years until 2015.
While the option may seem ludicrous to you an I to downgrade to the aged XP even now let alone in 10 years, a Microsoft spokesman says that it would be confusing to drop the option while Windows 7’s life cycle is still in effect.
More power to ya, XP-users. Enjoy all…that.

USB could stand for “Ultra Super Bride” (but it doesn’t)

You thought you had a cool paramour/significant other/blow-up doll. Ray Arifianto thinks that his bride-to-be is up there.
How cool could a woman marrying a software development engineer at Microsoft Game Studios be?
Psh, I say.
“So cool,” Ray writes, “that she ordered a custom made ring for me.”
Though she’s no nerd, Ray’s lady BFF-to-be ordered a ring made to look like a USB-drive.
Engraved inside – “For a lifetime of memories.”
I rescind my “psh.”

(Sorry, honey – it’s true, Ray’s lady’s pretty awesome.)