3 AM: Game time/Retcon

One More Day

One More Day (via bamkapow.com)

I’ve been working a lot of third shifts since I accepted another part-time job at Borders. That place is always there when I need a job, and it sure is nice not having to be trained for a new job. Anyhow, I need to occupy my time to keep awake all night on days off.

Megan felt ill all day, so there was no way that she’d stay up late with me. I wouldn’t want her to. She works so many hours all week driving back and forth between Chicago and Gurnee. It must be exhausting. So what else can I do in a quiet apartment all night long?

Walk to Walgreens. Mm..ice cream cone and Mtn. Dew to jump-start the late night.

Leftovers? Yes, please. Pam sent some awesome cheesy potatoes with us when we were in Wisconsin on Saturday. I loves cheesy potatoes. Make that Chessy Potatoes. Capitals and italics emphasize the importance of the meal.

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To my wife about "Dance Central"

This is about a new motion-sensing controller coming out for Xbox. It’s a dancing game that teaches you to dance. The device, the Kinect, comes out in November, and it scans your entire body.

Your body becomes the controller. How strange.

I know you normally wouldn’t like gaming news in your inbox, but this is different. This is a whole different event than video gaming, right? I don’t know. Maybe not yet, but it seems like a game like this could change the industry. There’s no pad, no wand or nunchuck. It’s just you and the Xbox. The Xbox watches you, tells you what you did wrong, and says, “Do it better, and I’ll grade you with points and downloadable content,” like it’s a teacher….with downloadable content.

I hope it’s cool. I hope it does change gaming and make the world a better place where people get up off the couch and have fun with other people. When those people go home, they can pick up a wand and shoot people on TV still! That doesn’t go away because this is that versatile.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in this game.