Killed and I don’t care

Mr. Marston goes to town

Mr. Marston goes to town

I loved Red Dead Revolver but haven’t really been a fan of any Grand Theft Autos, so when I heard that Rockstar was doing a GTA-style Red Dead sequel, my hopes were not high.

While I’m only a couple of hours in, this Gtalk should give you the idea plus a little more.

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Morning Gchats: Braving the summer through bathing

jake mitchell well, i officially made it until July 5
daniel craig Doing?
jake going sans AC
I broke down last night for a couple of hours
dan Ha. Admirable. Here’s where it gets really bad, though. If you don’t use it, you’ll have migraines all summer long.
jake i know. I stood in a cold shower for 30 min or so and that helped too
dan You could sit in the bath all summer. Use the time to read.
jake that’s true. might get in the way of work though
dan Only when you’re at home. At least, until they invent a portable bath.
jake oooo portable bath
dan Like a shirt full of water.