3 AM: Game time/Retcon

One More Day

One More Day (via bamkapow.com)

I’ve been working a lot of third shifts since I accepted another part-time job at Borders. That place is always there when I need a job, and it sure is nice not having to be trained for a new job. Anyhow, I need to occupy my time to keep awake all night on days off.

Megan felt ill all day, so there was no way that she’d stay up late with me. I wouldn’t want her to. She works so many hours all week driving back and forth between Chicago and Gurnee. It must be exhausting. So what else can I do in a quiet apartment all night long?

Walk to Walgreens. Mm..ice cream cone and Mtn. Dew to jump-start the late night.

Leftovers? Yes, please. Pam sent some awesome cheesy potatoes with us when we were in Wisconsin on Saturday. I loves cheesy potatoes. Make that Chessy Potatoes. Capitals and italics emphasize the importance of the meal.

Ah, but this post is in the Video Game sub category of the blog. You must have know that tech talk was coming.

I’ve been reading a lot of Amazing Spider-Man lately (as well as Hellboy – Thanks, Jake), so I sat with my Cheesy Potatoes at my desk while opening Chrome to Marvel Digital. Megan has subscribed me to this web service for the Marvel archives for two birthdays in a row now. When I want my superhero fix, there is no better solution than reading through years and years of high-quality scans. The Flash window containing your comic of choice has a number of viewing options: You can select 1 page, 2 pages, Smart Panel, and various transitions to customize your readings. I use the Smart Panel option to get the nice full-screen close up of each frame.

Long after my plate was empty and my Dew clattered to the floor by accident (no spills), I kept thinking to myself, Just one more. Ever since the Spidey story arc”One More Day,” it’s been difficult to appreciate more than the one shots. If you aren’t familiar, I won’t go into too much detail except to say that the last 20 or 30 years have continuity were wiped out and recreated within four issues. For some, that story created the same and more hate than the clone stories of the 90s did.

But, as per usual for comics, Ben Reilly died, and life went back to normal. In reading a massive quantity all at once, it’s very clear that a situation is being slowly created which could put everything back together as it was several years back with Peter Parker and Mary Jane married while keeping some characters alive that were magically brought back during Brand New Day.

Did the contingency plan begin with Parker unveiling himself to the Fantastic Four or when MJ moved back to New York? Whatever it was, I still haven’t caught up to the most current issues. Marvel Digital remains behind by about a year and a half to get people hooked so they’ll buy the recently printed issues. I don’t blame them one bit for that. Printed editions smell nice!

Some of the art has been fantastic, too. I especially liked the issues with Sandman at the start of The Gauntlet as well as the Deadpool issue (609?). So stylin! Made me want to start sketching again ASAP.

Took a break from reading in the dark at my computer screen to play some Red Dead Redemption. Still loving that game even though I play it in rare spurts. I really suspected that, like with Grand Theft Auto games, I would grow bored of rampages quickly and retire the game. The thing is, I don’t go on rampages. The game makes it very unrewarding to do it more than a couple of times, and the story’s really quite good. That keeps you coming back for more horseback riding through the wastes for as long as it takes.

When last I wrote of it, I hadn’t yet experienced the improving your mans aspect yet. It’s definitely there. You can play pretty-pretty dress-up with new cowboy outfits and get new and improved weaponry. Some guns have to be found, some earned, and some can just be purchased. There’s even Golden versions for those playing in online multiplayer, though I haven’t got an Xbox Live Gold account to get my gold guns.

Now it’s nearing 6:30. I had a big cup-o-joe about an hour ago, so sleep isn’t going to happen for a couple of hours. That’s good. The longer I stay up, the better tonight will be. That is assuming that I sleep the rest of the day.

I think more comics are in order now.

Bye. The End.


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