HTPC Out, Boxee Box In

The desire to restart Netflix was strong. Real strong. Then they sent us another free month to use. Well, damn.

We’d been using an older Linux box for a while as our home theater pc (htpc). I’d dropped in an unused graphics card to make the whole thing pretty usable. Yeah, we suffered through a little flicker, but it was the best an 8-year-old Dell runnning Ubuntu could offer through VGA.

In comes the Netflix whose streaming feature doesn’t work in Linux because it requires Silverlight. See if Microsoft ever expands that to Ubuntu? You’ll be waiting a long time. I loaded Windows XP back onto the Dell forgetting that XP doesn’t play well with out TV for some odd reason. Megan remembered, though, and she rubbed it in my face. Like mud…being rubbed into my face.

That’s it! I cry (not really). No more rigged-up boxes. We’re going pro-made. We’re going Boxee Box!

It’s beautiful really. It’s angles alone put it a step above the usual set-top device. The only other devices coming close – Apple TV and Roku X|DS – are still black slabs, though the Roku has a nifty purple tag sticking out the front corner. Read more of this post

Ad Men

Recently, the wife and I began delving into Mad Men, a show I have honestly been meaning to watch since 2007.
With the hype surrounding the season finale last year, we knew it was time. Time to … acquire … and go for it.
Each evening of late, I’ll make dinner before we sit to it. We’ve been having chicken or shrimp or turkey because we just can’t stick to a vegetarian diet. I know I can’t, anyhow, but Megan did it for years before me. My influence is like a sticky, meaty syrup. Sorry, Megs.
Then, when the food is ready, I ask, “Should we sit at the table?” to which she responds, “No, we should sit in the living room and watch more Don Draper.”
“Let’s watch more Don Draper,” she says again.
“You know it’s called Man Men,” I reply inevitably.
She acknowledges this fact while mumbling more desires for Don Draper.

I know your game, Jon Hamm.

I’m on to you!