De-jobbed: Some closure

Dear readers, I do believe that you may deserve some closure in the matter of my unemployment and underemployment.

That matter has been resolved. Beginning Thursday, I will edit copy for a website based in California. That said, I will work from home. What an interesting development this is!

I’ve worked some from home before. At that Wyoming paper, I took video home to edit from time to time. There wasn’t a reason besides wanting to be at home. I was still working, but I hadn’t slacks on. Or jeans if it was Friday. Sweatpanted bliss.

Then, when I returned to Chicago, I still did work for them through the ol’ VPN from the comfort of my couch. By simply glancing away from the screen I was able to look into the maw of Soldier Field or out across Lake Michigan.

That was part-time, though. This is full-time, and I worry about not seeing co-workers or other lifeforms for days at a time. Yes, I’ve kept some hours at Borders. I will get out of the apartment. I still worry about being a partial shut-in. I have a right.

Ha! Here I am worrying about working from home. First World problems, right?

Anyhow, my plan is to get a couple of things going and always have some works in motion. That way, if I drop one for some reason, I’ll have at least one more. That may have been a lot of people’s plans recently, but mine will work. Because it’s mine.


About Dan C
Likes: Games of the video kind, Spider-man, regional hot dogs Dislikes: Close talkers, people singing loudly in public while listening to headphones, yippy dogs

2 Responses to De-jobbed: Some closure

  1. Greg says:

    So did you lose the job at Borders?

    • Dan C says:

      Nooooo. I’ll still be working at Borders with fewer hours. You may see me some weekday evenings or during the afternoon-to-evening closing shift on Saturdays.

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