3 AM: Game time/Retcon

One More Day

One More Day (via bamkapow.com)

I’ve been working a lot of third shifts since I accepted another part-time job at Borders. That place is always there when I need a job, and it sure is nice not having to be trained for a new job. Anyhow, I need to occupy my time to keep awake all night on days off.

Megan felt ill all day, so there was no way that she’d stay up late with me. I wouldn’t want her to. She works so many hours all week driving back and forth between Chicago and Gurnee. It must be exhausting. So what else can I do in a quiet apartment all night long?

Walk to Walgreens. Mm..ice cream cone and Mtn. Dew to jump-start the late night.

Leftovers? Yes, please. Pam sent some awesome cheesy potatoes with us when we were in Wisconsin on Saturday. I loves cheesy potatoes. Make that Chessy Potatoes. Capitals and italics emphasize the importance of the meal.

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Dan in Mario’s Galaxy

Once you travel there, you're all,

Once I get there, I only kinda want to stay.

If you’ve read through my meger archives, you know that I’m trying to make it through my stockpile of games. I’m pretty backed up, hence, the Video Game Challenge!)

I played Super Mario Galaxy pretty hard for a weekend not long ago. 0-30 stars in 2 days isn’t too bad around here since I had to keep leaving for errands or chores. Not too bad at all.

My progress declined a bit since then. Now it’s two stars here, one star there. I’ll wander for a few minutes.

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Killed and I don’t care

Mr. Marston goes to town

Mr. Marston goes to town

I loved Red Dead Revolver but haven’t really been a fan of any Grand Theft Autos, so when I heard that Rockstar was doing a GTA-style Red Dead sequel, my hopes were not high.

While I’m only a couple of hours in, this Gtalk should give you the idea plus a little more.

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Gaming Challenge Updaaaaaate *Exclamation*

The challenge I challenged myself with isn’t off to a great start, let me tell you.
It really is challenging. Fo realz (I typed that).
This past weekend, that being the weekend of June 26 and 27, I spent some time showing the apartment, eating all you-can-eat ribs at Chances (which I have a gripe with!), and walking around neighborhoods looking for the “perfect place.”
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Game challenge trumped by Eva

I really intended to dive into those games, and, at first, I did.
The weekend began with Torchlight. I figured that one game at a time would be the best way to go barring multiplayer experiences.

Problem arose. The problem: I became bored with my build. It was a Vanquisher class with a ranged build. Strictly ranged. Boring! Time to find some mods. Ooh, mods!


More side-tracked. There’s a lot of mods! Did you know that there’s an achievement for having 5 mods active? Now I do.

Back to game. Now I have respecced to be a rogue. Gotta collect all new equipment. Gotta learn how to use these abilities. Oh crap. I hate being a rogue.
Respec to arbiter! New equipment. Learn the abilities…

In the end, I actually did like being an arbiter, but I could see how it could really be used for the powers of good (and me)! It was as a dual arbiter/ranged character. All that time gathering gold and weapons, and I didn’t really need to respec at all. There’s a metaphor here. What is it?

The worst part about this is that I lost an amazing weapon in the process, and Torchlight autosaves. There’s no going back to an old save here. I mourn its loss.

Anyhow, the challenge put forth by me for me continues. I should probably also add a couple games that I didn’t know my roommate had. I believe they were God of War III and, um, something. I’ll make an official list update later.

What should be the next game to beat on the list? I’m thinking either Final Fantasy XIII or Dragon Age.

Oh! Also, the other reason I didn’t play more was that Jake and I plowed through Neon Genesis Evangelion, a show I hadn’t watched in 6 years and he had never seen. I’ll leave impressions to him, but I think it’s fantastic.

Old Game Challenge – I need to finish these already

Everytime a new game — or a new anything for that matter — gets released that I’m super excited about, I get obsessed. Recently, I spent a week at work looking up stuff in my freetime about media centers, HTPCs, and Boxee and XBMC. It didn’t stop until I finally put one together. It’s bad.
Similarly, when I game comes out that I must have, I must have it. My brain won’t stop until it’s in my hands, in my computer, 360, or Wii.
Unfortunately, this is usually before I’m done with the last game I was gonzo over.
As such, in these lean times, I have made a list this week (ha..at work) of the 22 games I possess or have access to at home that I have yet to finish.
Now, in front of God and the Internet, I declare that I will not buy another game until I have played through at least 50% of these games! This will be a big accomplishment, but I will make it happen.
They are as follows.

Fallout 3 (and DLC)
Final Fantasy XIII
Dragon Age: Origins (and some DLC)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Monster Hunter Tri
Phantom Brave Wii
Call of Duty: World at War
Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
Punch Out!
Starcraft (I know!)
Left 4 Dead
Mario Galaxy
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (New Game +)
Monkey Island (XBLA version)
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Heavy Rain
Red Dead Redemption

UPDATE: God of War III, and, uh…something else.

Some of these are pretty old, I know, but that’s no excuse. They may not be any fine wine or cheese, but some games just don’t age. They’re still fun. Hopefull the older ones on this list are just like that.
I think – I thiiink – I can get through World at War, Portal, Braid, and New SMB Wii this weekend through other plans (watching through Evangelion with Jake – he hasn’t seen it!). Updates to come.
Can I hold to this? You, internet, will keep me accountable if you’re doing your job right.

To my wife about "Dance Central"

This is about a new motion-sensing controller coming out for Xbox. It’s a dancing game that teaches you to dance. The device, the Kinect, comes out in November, and it scans your entire body.

Your body becomes the controller. How strange.

I know you normally wouldn’t like gaming news in your inbox, but this is different. This is a whole different event than video gaming, right? I don’t know. Maybe not yet, but it seems like a game like this could change the industry. There’s no pad, no wand or nunchuck. It’s just you and the Xbox. The Xbox watches you, tells you what you did wrong, and says, “Do it better, and I’ll grade you with points and downloadable content,” like it’s a teacher….with downloadable content.

I hope it’s cool. I hope it does change gaming and make the world a better place where people get up off the couch and have fun with other people. When those people go home, they can pick up a wand and shoot people on TV still! That doesn’t go away because this is that versatile.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in this game.