Game challenge trumped by Eva

I really intended to dive into those games, and, at first, I did.
The weekend began with Torchlight. I figured that one game at a time would be the best way to go barring multiplayer experiences.

Problem arose. The problem: I became bored with my build. It was a Vanquisher class with a ranged build. Strictly ranged. Boring! Time to find some mods. Ooh, mods!


More side-tracked. There’s a lot of mods! Did you know that there’s an achievement for having 5 mods active? Now I do.

Back to game. Now I have respecced to be a rogue. Gotta collect all new equipment. Gotta learn how to use these abilities. Oh crap. I hate being a rogue.
Respec to arbiter! New equipment. Learn the abilities…

In the end, I actually did like being an arbiter, but I could see how it could really be used for the powers of good (and me)! It was as a dual arbiter/ranged character. All that time gathering gold and weapons, and I didn’t really need to respec at all. There’s a metaphor here. What is it?

The worst part about this is that I lost an amazing weapon in the process, and Torchlight autosaves. There’s no going back to an old save here. I mourn its loss.

Anyhow, the challenge put forth by me for me continues. I should probably also add a couple games that I didn’t know my roommate had. I believe they were God of War III and, um, something. I’ll make an official list update later.

What should be the next game to beat on the list? I’m thinking either Final Fantasy XIII or Dragon Age.

Oh! Also, the other reason I didn’t play more was that Jake and I plowed through Neon Genesis Evangelion, a show I hadn’t watched in 6 years and he had never seen. I’ll leave impressions to him, but I think it’s fantastic.