Where three roads meet

There’s a place near home where three roads meet.

I cross it every day, most often in the morning, on my way to absolutely anywhere. Need some paper towels? Through the intersection. Pancakes? Intersection. Off to the Loop on the Blue Line? I got an intersection for you to go through from my place.

A whole lot of people travel through this place where the three roads meet. If it weren’t for the many, many traffic lights, there’d never be a moment for this chicken to cross first one street, then another just to get to the other side.

This morning, if I had had the guts and gumption to seize the moment, I may have been able to cross without one of those lights.

At 6:30 in the a.m., your Average Joe isn’t quite awake yet. Joe maybe scarfed down a bagel on the way out the door, but he hasn’t had his second cup of java yet. He’s foggy in the head and slow at foot and hand, but Joe, Jane, and even Steve still drive fast and faster on their way to wherever and over there.

That’s why it was weird at that intersection when the lights turned green and nothing happened. Read more of this post