De-jobbed: Rejection

Rejection Hurts

Rejection hurts, and it takes more than one shower to remove.

As far as I can tell in my limited time spent looking for a new job, there are three kinds of rejection.

Keep in mind, these are job-related rejections. There are an infinite number of ways you can be rejected in life, and I can only assume that there again as many in death.

1. The Abyss. This kind of rejection, the Abyss kind, doesn’t help you one bit. I guess it doesn’t hurt either. It nothings you. The Abyss is where your application goes when it’s filed in that special file giant company HR departments have set aside for when they don’t have enough time to get back to everyone. That time? All the time.

To the Abyss with thee, hundreds of applications! I haven’t time enough for you, they cry to the heavens. Meanwhile, job seekers everywhere cry alone, unheard. Wah-wah. But seriously, it’s nice to know one way or the other unless they send you…

2. The Form Letter.  If you get a form letter, it can kind of sting. What does it mean? Does it mean that you made it past the Abyss stage but weren’t good enough for the interview stage? Or does it mean that you were actually placed in the Abyss, but they had a database of everyone who applied, so they sent a form?

Ahh! It could drive you mad wondering, wondering endlessly. Then again, you’re just as rejected as the Abyss people were placing your standing at Zero Interviews yet again.

3. You know what’s nice? When they send you a Rejection Letter. Yeah, they actually took the time to send you a note to say, Hey, You. You weren’t good enough this time, but keep trying. We had some really good applicants, but we like what we see on your resume. Maybe you’ll be a top applicant next time.

Chin up, fella.

I got one of those today. Maybe it actually was a form letter. I don’t know, but it had several exclamation points. That made it feel more personal to me, I suppose. Thanks, Andrea Scott. You made me feel like I stood out a little today.


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