The Pill’s in the Mail

Pills for my head

Pills for my head. I needs 'em.

My visit with the neuro’s muddled as usual. By the time I get to him, I’ve been stretching my prescription for several days. Why they can’t give me a refill over the phone, I have no idea, but now I know better to plan for the office’s ineptitudes.

What? They found nothing on the EEG that I wore all weekend? Shocking. They haven’t in ten years, so I wouldn’t expect anything to be found all of a sudden now. The pills work, though. Just gimme more pills, I guess.


Over to Walgreens.

The woman in front of me has a problem. Her cream is more expensive than she remembers it being. $230 for cream? That must be some special cream. The pharmaceutical assistant questions some anonymous head on the phone.

This nice lady hear says that she’s bought this cream before, and it wasn’t so expensive, she tells the head. No, she says, I’m just going to go home and rest tonight. Maybe I’ll go out tomorrow.

What is she doing? There’s people waiting, and she’s on a business call talking about her plans? I’m irate. I need my pills.

Another lady approaches the side counter. Can I help you over here? she asks me.

Don’t help him, the lady on the phone bites. He needs to stay in line.

She continues the phone conversation leaving me somewhat more irate.

It’s settled after a time. With cream left unpurchased, the woman in front of me declares that it wouldn’t have made her look any better anyway. Very important cream to be sure.

Sure it would have, the assistant says. Don’t say that. A kindly insult from a daft woman. She probably doesn’t even know what she’s telling the cream woman. They both smile.

My process is quick. I’m told the wait will be ten minutes. Ten minutes it is.

I’ve been listening to podcasts all morning, Tweet Me Harder actually, and the wait won’t interrupt my listening. I wait almost exactly ten minutes.

Seventy-four pills, the assistant tells me. We’re one short but it will be in tomorrow.

You want me to come back downtown for one pill tomorrow?

I could mail it to you.

Yeah, I tell her. Mail the one pill to me.

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