Blackberry Curve: Lose the case, lose the calls?

How to hold a phoneApple may have been on to something here.

Last week, Steve Jobs told the world that all (or many?) smart phones have these weird grip problems. If you try to hold a phone a certain way, the reception just disappears. He said that this happens on three phones specifically, one of them being the Blackberry Bold.

Well, I don’t know about the Bold. My wife holds one of those, but I have a Curve, and I just lost the same call 5 times. I never have that problem. Ever.

Here’s the difference: Yesterday, I decided to take the case of my Curve because it’s unsightly, bulky, and prevents the phone from slipping easily into my pocket.

Case gone, so now I’m dropping calls? Hmm. Seems I need to investigate this further. More sans-case testing to commence.

Also, continue searching for job…


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