Killed and I don’t care

Mr. Marston goes to town

Mr. Marston goes to town

I loved Red Dead Revolver but haven’t really been a fan of any Grand Theft Autos, so when I heard that Rockstar was doing a GTA-style Red Dead sequel, my hopes were not high.

While I’m only a couple of hours in, this Gtalk should give you the idea plus a little more.

Daniel Craig I played a little Red Dead last night. Very fun. Actually, surprisingly fun since I wasn’t a huge fan of GTA4
Jake Mitchell that seems to be the consensus
Dan –  The atmosphere is just really great. There was one scenario where I’m riding across I moonlit plain and I see a wrecked carriage and some people calling for help. I trot over to see what’s up and get ambushed and killed in a second. Wasn’t even mad cause it was so amazing.
Jake – that is awesome
Jake – I’m loving that games are getting so much better
Dan – All the time. Ebert can suck it.
Jake – I’m geeked as fuck about sc2
Dan – Getting close now, right?
Jake – yes
Jake – still no [Cataclysm] beta
Jake – 😦
Dan – wah wah
Jake – indeed
Dan – Too bad. Know anyone who go it?
Jake – one of the biggest douches I’ve played with got in
he is the kinda guy who camps lowbie zones and kills quest givers
for example, dks have a spell that makes it so that the party can walk on water
there are some dungeons where you fall really far into deep water off a tall cliff right?
he’ll jump first and pop that spell just before everyone else hits so they die
Dan – What a dick!
Dan – Don’t be a dick. [Wil Wheaton’s] First law.
I have nothing original!
For even further background, I wasn’t going to play Red Dead, but I found a brand new, unopened copy at a thrift store for FIFTEEN DOLLARS. So I had to.
It’s practically the law.

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Likes: Games of the video kind, Spider-man, regional hot dogs Dislikes: Close talkers, people singing loudly in public while listening to headphones, yippy dogs

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