iPhone 4 press conference fails to impress

Not perfect - AT ALL

Not perfect - AT ALL

I tuned in to Engadget for the surprise Apple press conference at noon (central) today.

It’s not because I have an iPhone. You know I don’t. I just have always like Apple, despite being stuck as a beta-tester with my iMac G5 years ago, so I wanted to see how they’d pull out of this reception mess.

In my opinion, they did not.

The rundown:

-Jobs dished a bunch of talking points about how the iPhone 4 is pretty much better than the 3GS except with dropped calls.

-He said that all smart phones have spots on them that make the bars go way down.

-Free bumpers for all until Sept. 30 since Consumer Reports said that bumpers fix the problem.

-Software fixes have been released and support will continue (especially for the proximity sensor thing).

So the fix is a free bumper until September 30. After that, what do you get? An iPod/paper weight? They’re going to be right back to where they are now.

When questioned about how all smartphones have that trouble spot, one man suggested that he couldn’t get his Blackberry Bold to lose reception. Might Mr. Jobs be able to do that for him?

Jobs replied: “You may not see it in certain areas.”

I like apple designs a lot, but they need to step up the customer relations a little (Read: 1000s of perecents). Back peddling like this will have them looking bad all year. When the iPhone 5 comes around, expectations will be huge. Good luck, guys.


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2 Responses to iPhone 4 press conference fails to impress

  1. Charlynn says:

    I’m so glad my contract wasn’t up for renewal this year; I imagine I’d be pretty disappointed with the iPhone 4. Here’s hoping iPhone 5 won’t suck!

    • Dan C says:

      My roommate is having a very difficult time with the decision since his plan with iPhone 3G are up this year. The iOS 4 update slowed it way, way down (like everyone else), and he was hoping for a miracle out of this press conference. It was okish but no miracle.
      Now he finds out that he gets 22% off of Sprint? Hellooooo Evo! Maybe.

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