Dan in Mario’s Galaxy

Once you travel there, you're all,

Once I get there, I only kinda want to stay.

If you’ve read through my meger archives, you know that I’m trying to make it through my stockpile of games. I’m pretty backed up, hence, the Video Game Challenge!)

I played Super Mario Galaxy pretty hard for a weekend not long ago. 0-30 stars in 2 days isn’t too bad around here since I had to keep leaving for errands or chores. Not too bad at all.

My progress declined a bit since then. Now it’s two stars here, one star there. I’ll wander for a few minutes.

“A sand level? Nah.” Click.

And this is how I build up a massive list of games in my possession to play!

Never have I been able to figure out a cure for this ailment. Maybe Ritalin would help.

The things that are really awesome:

  • It’s fast. This, while it looks similar, is no Mario Sunshine. That game was dull, had a weirdo gimic (Captain Planet anyone?), and just took longer to plan out. Mario Galaxy throws you right in with a bee suit, some wall jumping, even fast-paced Fire Flower levels. You gotta speed to make it.
  • It’s pretty. This is how games should be made on the Wii. The colors are vibrant. The textures are pretty smooth. The best part is: I forget that I’m playing a Wii.
  • It’s upside down. The Christmas I got an N64, I spent the whole day playing Mario 64. With the added dimension, POVs got pretty loopy. There’s a level in which Mario slides down an ice tube in a race with a penguin, and you’re doing all these loops and spins around the screen. My mom nearly vomitted. She honestly had to leave the room. Now, at 27, I almost know what she felt like. Walking right-side to upside down around planets throughout Mario Galaxy takes some time to get used to, but once you do, it’s a whole lot of fun. Just think of it as part of the puzzle. Just to spice it up a little, sometimes the gravity changes on you, too!

And despite all these positives, I’ve spent an hour today with Red Dead Redemption. Blame the sand level?


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