USB could stand for “Ultra Super Bride” (but it doesn’t)

You thought you had a cool paramour/significant other/blow-up doll. Ray Arifianto thinks that his bride-to-be is up there.
How cool could a woman marrying a software development engineer at Microsoft Game Studios be?
Psh, I say.
“So cool,” Ray writes, “that she ordered a custom made ring for me.”
Though she’s no nerd, Ray’s lady BFF-to-be ordered a ring made to look like a USB-drive.
Engraved inside – “For a lifetime of memories.”
I rescind my “psh.”

(Sorry, honey – it’s true, Ray’s lady’s pretty awesome.)


About Dan C
Likes: Games of the video kind, Spider-man, regional hot dogs Dislikes: Close talkers, people singing loudly in public while listening to headphones, yippy dogs

3 Responses to USB could stand for “Ultra Super Bride” (but it doesn’t)

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  2. Ray says:

    Hey, thanks man. Jessi certainly appreciates you calling her awesome and ‘Ultra Super Bride”!


    • Dan C says:

      That’s rad that you commented! My wife and I (1 year now!) were sitting out one evening recently when I came across a picture of your ring. She says that you two have a good start because she has accepted the nerdome if not embraced it. Good luck, man.

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