De-Jobbed: Settling In

With my first full day of unemployment out of the way, I was feeling a little better.

Friday had been used to apply for unemployment and do errands that I had been putting off. Actually, that ended up only being one errand. I want back and forth between various locations and the DMV several times attempting to get new plates, Illinois plates finally, for our car. The last vestiges of Wyoming wiped clean from our lives!

It was a big hassle. For one, who doesn’t take Visa? The Secretary of State’s office, that’s who.

I began to feel more upset for myself throughout the day until Megan and I were reunited. All of the way forgotten as I witnessed her leaving her entry-level position at the Tribune for a reporter job. Friday was her last day, and each of the editorial board members wished her well. They think the world of her and know that she will accomplish a lot with her career. I know she will, too. That wife of mine has so much talent.

I followed her to a cat-sit nearby for the pet company she part-times with. The tiny apartment overlooks river with a north-facing view. She played with friendly kitties while I lied flat on my back wondering what I could do half as well as her.

She asked, what do you want to do?

Well, I thought, that isn’t something I have really asked myself yet!

It kind of shocked me that I hadn’t. A real, honest look at what I want to do compared to what I can do was what I needed. It didn’t take long to realize that the stuff I want to do will take some schooling.

Broadcast news is awesome, it really is, but getting married changed how I can proceed in my career. Normally, one would get an education and start in a tiny, little market. Check. I went to Casper. Then, the next step is to go to a slightly bigger market. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Megan, however, is climbing the media ladder at an incredible rate. It’s amazing! She went from a 21-year-old graduating college early to a general assignment reporter in Wyoming to a night editor in no time at all. Now, at the age of 24, she’s a reporter for a paper in the third largest market in the United States.

I will follow her wherever she needs to go because she has a shot at an amazing career. Also, I love her.

Since I can’t follow the right path for news, my brain fired off an idea within seconds of Megan asking. I like technology, web, and art. Let me combine those in school.

I may want to go back to school. Web development, perhaps? Not a second bachelor’s for sure, but I’d love to have some more skills under my belt. If you can offer advice, please, do so!


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