Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 – Yay!

I’ve been using Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 since last night on my home Windows 7 machine and my work Windows XP (still??) machine, and, I gotta say, it’s looking pretty solid.

Way back…half a year ago, I made the jump from Firefox 3.something to Chrome. Firefox was just getting really bogged down and slow, while Chrome seemed speedy and new. Hell, it still is. I like Chrome a lot.

Enter the new New Thing!

From the onset, Firefox 4.0 seems speedy. I opened it with all my old settings in place. None of the extensions work, but there’s already a work-around for that. Page load lightning-quick. It’s even got a slightly new, updated look. Some people hate the orange button in the top-left, but it doesn’t show up on my XP machine for obvious reasons (it’s OLD).

The only problem I’ve had so far: I had to switch back to Chrome for a while because Better GReader didn’t work in the new Firefox even with the installation workaround. Hopefully, more extensions will be available soon.

Also, things are in different places. This is no fault of the browser. I’m just used to Chrome now. It’s a learning curve to go back. I just have to have the latest and greatest – You know? Yeah, you do. I know you do.

Here’s some useful stories for ya.

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