The trouble with car ownership

So that you don’t have to read the rest of this, the trouble is money.
The trouble is always money.

Megan and I bought a TomTom last week! It was an exciting event that both of us had been trying to rationalize for a while. Now, with her driving all about Gurnee and stuffs for her work, we finally had a reason.

Ordered refurbished from Tiger Direct, it arrived exactly one day later. Turned out that they have a warehouse in Naperville.

Excitedly, we charged it up and headed out in the Accord-mobile (Yeah, no clever names for this car). Off to the north side to obtain excellent and cheap thrift store items.

Megan has to drive these days due to my head’s seizure activities. If we crashed while I was driving, it would be pretty bad legally and ethically since I know about the condition.

Recently, my dear wife began to hear a high-pitched noise. Meh, it’s a few years old, we thought. No big.

Off to Brynn Mawr! TomTom worked very well. It took us a way we hadn’t thought of otherwise, a way that turned out to be quite speedy. Once we got up to speed on Lake Shore Drive, the sound started up on the right-front of the car, but it was no worse than any other time.

At the store than Megan wanted to walk through mainly in search of baskets, she found a tea pot that looked pretty cool (with horse feet and metal work), but it was fairly pricey. The counter lady, a thrift store worker, mocked her for saying that she had to speak with her husband first. I would have said that I had to talk to my wife about an expensive purchase, so I’m not sure why the mockery was necessary. Maybe she was just bitter, lonely, and old.

We departed from the store to reenter the world of sweltering heat and thick, moist air. The next destination was for a cat sit. Megan works for a company which employs her to stop in on animals whose owners are away. She feeds them, walks them, pets them, etc.

I peeled open the window for a cool breeze while we drove. The sound from the right-front of the Accord sounded much louder. Dangerously so. As we drove, it escalated to the point of alarm.

To me, the car sounded like it had a problem like our Subaru had a while back. About to journey from Casper to Laramie, I took the car in to the mechanic to get that same sound quickly checked out. The wheel bearings were rusted and about 50 miles from coming right off the car. That would have been terrifying at 80 miles an hour.

Scared that our wheel was near popping off, we parked the car near a closed Car X and departed for the day.

Blergh. I’m at work. Will return later to finish this up. I know you’re on pins and needles to see what was wrong with our stupid car. Why do I write this nonsense?

Time for lunch!

Aaaand I’m back. Exciting.

When last we spoke, Meg and I were terrified that our wheel was going to launch from the car at an orphan or elderly citizen, so we parked and left it.

Whenst weekend arrived, we returned to the scene of the crime. Having just picked up a Craig’s List bedset with Pam and Dick, my parents-in-law, we had a full van in tow and a hunger to boot.

Car dropped off. Check.

Twisted Spoke across the street? Check.

Here’s where Megan decided that it was a good idea to bring up to her mom that I had been to “Smut and Eggs,” an event that the Twisted Spoke holds at midnight ever Saturday night. The cover the windows with plastic sheets and serve breakfast.

Plastic sheets? That’s weird and out of place. No, kind reader, it is not. They have to cover the sheets so passing insomniac children won’t see all of the low-budget, locally produced porno on all the screens they in the whole place.

It sounds funny, but it’s actually really uncomfortable. Megan shared that discomfort with her mom. It made me uncomfortable.

We went there anyway while we waited for the car to be analyzed and deemed drivable. The menu is not kid-friendly, but the burgers are tummy-friendly. Yums.

Ok, honestly, it’s been a day since I started writing this, and I don’t remember where I was going. We got the car, and it was more expensive than we had hoped.

Tough breaks. That’s the trouble with car ownership.

Abrupt ending!


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