Gaming Challenge Updaaaaaate *Exclamation*

The challenge I challenged myself with isn’t off to a great start, let me tell you.
It really is challenging. Fo realz (I typed that).
This past weekend, that being the weekend of June 26 and 27, I spent some time showing the apartment, eating all you-can-eat ribs at Chances (which I have a gripe with!), and walking around neighborhoods looking for the “perfect place.”
Spoiler Alert: That place might be imaginary. As such, gaming was kept to a minimum. I tried to take a chunk out of God of War III, owned by roommate Rashad, only to find that I didn’t really have a whole lot of fun. I spent more time MST3K-ing it than enjoying it. NOT a good sign.
Should have gone with my initial instincts: Fallout 3. I’m so very close to the end but got sidetracked by The Pitt. It’s a good thing to be sidetracked by in the world of Fallout.

Water Horse vs Quicktime Event

Water Horse vs Quicktime Event

Among other problems with God of War III, can’t we be done with quicktime events?! These are the events usually triggered by low health in the enemy. In order to finish the battle, you must press a sequence shown on-screen. While you’re busy doing that, you can’t watch the awesome things your character does in response to the button-pressing. It’s outdated, outmoded. Take this quicktime event cup from the gamer, game producers. I beg of you.

Anyhow, Jake’s coming down to the Loop tonight, so we’ll get in either some Ultimate Alliance 2 or New Mario, either of the multiplayer games on the list.

I’m starting to slip in my mind, I feel.

I wants new games all the time…


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