Technology fails me; The phone vanishes

Even in the process of writing this entry, technology fails me.

I sat in the lobby of my Chicago apartment building Saturday morning waiting for various candidates. Rashad interviewed 10 people to take our place in our home of 8 months. We’ll be moving further north to accommodate for Megan’s new commute.

Candidates were supposed to come to me at 15 minute intervals. I spent my downtime reading a book I’m not really in to and playing with the Word Press app on my Blackberry.

This’d be a good time to write a blog, I thought.

Maybe I should have waited.

Let me recall briefly what was written.

Thursday, Megan and I spent our evening on the terrace with grilled meats – turkey, if I remember correctly – and wines. Megan had just that day accepted a reporting job for the Chicago Tribune’s new hyper-local efforts. She’ll be reporting in Gurnee, a far and distant drive from the South Loop.

Meg excitedly chattered on her Razr2 while I enjoyed the turkey burgers and weather, children squealed in the pool, and a birthday party of young people (I don’t know, late teens, early 20s) sang to their friend over a large, store-bought cake at one of the metal tables near the grills. Four or 5 elderly folk watched the proceedings from chairs near the door to the gym.

We finished our celebration at the cushioned seating beneath the decorative trees and collected our things to go upstairs. It was time for Meg to begin apartment the search.

At the computer, she yelled back to me, “Gimme your phone.” She found a place in Evanston to call on.

“Where’s your phone?” I ask.

She thought that it may be in the kitchen. It wasn’t. What about her bag? Nope. Try downstairs on the terrace. That’s where I was thinking, too.

Alas, it rested in none of those places.

After speaking with the elderly folk on the terrace, though, it became apparent what had happened. The folk told the tale of the birthday party. Once the cake had been consumed, the group roamed around the outside edges, skirting the pool, being load as young people be. The area we had been camped at, this group lingered and laughed in for longer than the other areas.

A theft! (?)

Perhaps. I guess we’ll never know. We do know, however, that after two calls to the phone, it was turned off by it’s finder and keeper. Security never recovered the poor, gray Razr2, a phone Megan much preferred to her old Blackberry Pearl Flip.

Whiiiine. I hate replacing phones! Fortunately, (1) we had insurance on it, and (2) the Tribune will provide Megan with a work cell in two weeks.

Now I sit at my desk at work. This could have been done days ago, this post and these thoughts, but my Blackberry draft has not appeared in my web drafts. It’s probably my fault. A fault of saving or some such.

The other problem came directly from WordPress themselves. I was locked out due to content! Have you seen any content worth locking me out for?

Well, neither have they, but it took several days for them to realize that. I quote!

I am really sorry for that happening – I cannot see why yet but I can assure you it will not happen again.
The blog is back just as you left it and I very much apologise for the trouble we caused you.


For several days, there were tags that I wanted to add and new posts that I wanted to write, but I don’t blame Mark from WordPress. It clearly wasn’t his fault.

Still, my experience with them is still new. It didn’t make me happy.

Meh. I can deal.

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Likes: Games of the video kind, Spider-man, regional hot dogs Dislikes: Close talkers, people singing loudly in public while listening to headphones, yippy dogs

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