Gtalk convo – A strange experiment: Blogging

me: My blog (that I share with Jake but he hasn’t ever posted to) got a link from a celebrity gossip blog today.

Megan: … what?


Megan: is it because of your name?

me: Nope.

I haven’t written out my full name on there before

Megan: lol, awesome

me: My first link! Yay.

Megan: I’m like a proud parent.

except … you know … ew

me: All I did was react to something that someone else reacted to. The web is a silly place

his is proving to be an interesting experiment. I have never been the creator in this scenario, only the consumer (Tribtown doesn’t count)

Now I find that whenever I have an opinion, I want to write it out so people can look and say, “Who cares?”

But they’ll still look.

Sent at 3:39 PM on Friday


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