Chicken Patty on a Bun

This classic Dan blog comes to you from Tribtown. It was posted on April 7, 2009. It has no relevence right now except that A. Chicken patties are delicious, and B. I wanted several pieces of content on Day 1. Flashbacks are easy!

I miss the chicken patty on a bun.
Just more than half of my high school experience was served in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Chapel Hill High School, also known as CHHS (which I thought of as cumbersome as I transferred from Geneva, IL — GHS), was situated across town from East Chapel Hill High School, also known as *surprise* ECHHS.
Though the town had split the one ginormous high school in to two just a couple of years before my arrival, CHHS was still way overcrowded. 1500 students would have been optimal, but I think we had closer to 2000.
The temporary trailers were there through my whole tenure.
As a result, CHHS required an open campus. I enjoyed this immensely, but there were days when going off campus was just too much of a hassle.
Those were the chicken patty on a bun days.
Yes, wading through the lunch room was laborious, and waiting in the lunch line took much of the available lunch time, but it was worth it.
Mike Gallinari and I would each get two chicken patty on a buns. We would never shorten the name. That would be wrong.
We’d finally make our way back to our friends sitting under the tree between the A and C buildings. We’d hungerly unwrap each chicken patty on a bun. They didn’t require condiments. They were perfect as they were sold, each only a dollar.
This recurring event is more clear in my mind than any class from my high school days.
More clear than reading comics in the library.
More clear than police chasing a renegade student around the yard.
Maybe not more clear than that shooting at a football game.
Everything else has been pushed down except for that delicious chicken patty on a bun.


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